L’Opéra introduces India’s first-ever authentic French vegan range

L’Opéra, India’s first authentic French Pastry, Bakery and Salon de Thé (Tea Room) has come up with its first-ever vegan range. Especially safe for veganism followers and suitable for the health conscious, one can enjoy the authentic French flavours guilt-free without compromising on the taste.

On offer are verrines in flavour of Chocolate Caramel and Vanilla & Raspberry, Almond Tart, Chocolate Tart and macarons in variants of Raspberry, Pistachio and Chocolate. The brand also offers a wide range of eggless products such as pastries, cakes, eggless quiches and sandwiches, biscuits, Viennese and croissants that could be made eggless on request and are suitable to consume during the Navratras or while observing other Hindu Fasting periods.

Today, the customers are even more aware of what they eat and live a conscious life. Healthier living and veganism is an upcoming trend and something that we want to support through our vegan range

-Kazem Samandari, Executive Chairman, L’Opéra

“We believe that veganism is rapidly growing and this could be gauged from the fact that a number of vegan cafe have come up really fast all around,” says Kazem Samandari, Executive Chairman, L’Opéra.  He adds: “L’Opéra has launched the new vegan line that has been introduced across all our outlets. For our vegan range, we have used Margarine that is mainly made of refined vegetable oil and water instead of butter and water and fruit juice instead of cream and milk. There’s also our large variety of eggless products that one can choose from, especially for the upcoming Navratras.”

L’Opéra’s new vegan range and eggless products are available at all outlets. To order online, visit www.loperaindia.com or call 0120-4066888. Also Available on Zomato and Swiggy in select stores. Follow @loperaindia on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter



  1. Chocolate Caramel Verrine – A vegan chocolate sponge layered with vegan peanut caramel, dark chocolate vegan ganache & roasted peanuts.
  2. Vanilla & Raspberry Verrine – A vegan vanilla sponge layered with vegan Vanilla cream, Raspberry jam and garnished with Passion Fruit crumble.
  3. Almond Tart – A sweet vegan pastry with vegan frangipani cream and glazed almonds.
  4. Chocolate Tart – A sweet vegan pastry filled with dark vegan chocolate ganache with a vegan glaze.
  5. Vegan macarons in variants of Raspberry, Pistachio and Chocolate

—By Anupma Mishra