L’Opéra wins Times Food and Nightlife Award in the Best Confectionery, Casual Dining category

For the eight time since it began its operations in 2011, this year L’Opéra has been honoured with the Times Food and Nightlife Award in the Best Confectionery, Casual Dining category. The award was handed over at the ITC Maurya hotel in Chanakyapuri, on March 3rd 2020, by Maryam H. Reshii, curator of the Times Food Guide for Delhi. On the Times of India Food and Nightlife Awards page, she wrote of L’Opéra, “From the day it opened its doors almost a decade ago to today, L’Opéra the brand has retained its core, yet has expanded to many parts of the city, but has done so on its own terms and in places where its presence has lent value…. Whether you tarry awhile in one of the stores, with a little sweet indulgence or nibble a savoury pie, more than just eating or drinking, you carry away a little piece of the brand with you in your heart.”

Christine Samandari, Promoter and member of the founding family of L’Opéra, was at the award ceremony to accept the award. “This is a special honor for us to receive this recognition consistently over so many years,” she said, “as it indicates that our intention to achieve the highest level of perfection in our work is bearing fruit, not just once or twice, but systematically over time. We have worked hard to earn this level of trust from our customers and the society at large.”

Alisha Bedi, Head of Corporate Operations at L’Opéra, who was also present to receive the award, noted that “most L’Opéra customers visit the outlets again and again, and rely on its high standards of quality and excellence. It may not be obvious how difficult it is to sustainably and consistently reach these standards. Commitment to excellence is an ideal that’s easy to talk about but hard to achieve because the food that one eats at L’Opéra is only one part of the total symphony of experience, each note of which has to be in perfect harmony with every other.”

“Though L’Opéra is known for traditional French recipes, its stunning French ambience & décor are equally memorable,” said Manharan Singh, Chief Operating Officer at L’Opéra, who accepted the award together with his two colleagues. “Every L’Opéra outlet is neat, exquisite, and full of light — a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds, where customers can enjoy classic French pastries as well as delicious European cuisine. These venues provide for all different types of situations as well: whether one wants to be alone for a while and collect their thoughts over a pastry and tea,  have a quick lunch or even dine with a partner or small group of friends. Each outlet is like a true ‘Paris moment’ dropped into the heart of India.”