L’Opéra cooking experience with Pragati Mitta, Chef at L’Opéra

Introducing L’Opéra cooking experience: try at home recipes accompanied by Pragati Mitta, Chef at L’Opéra who will demonstrate recipes using L’Opéra delicacies.

We start off with an egg salad breakfast sandwich, a simple recipe using a L’Opéra croissant and easy to find ingredients. This recipe takes no time to put together and is protein-packed and nutritious. The croissants make the salad more indulgent with their flaky texture and buttery flavour.

Watch the video and share the final results with us on Instagram so we can feature you. Order your croissant here and get it delivered at your doorstep the next day. Orders are hygienically fulfilled through L’Opéra’s in-house delivery service.

Happy cooking and bon appétit.